Intro and Beginning Classes --------------------------Intermediate and Advanced Classes

All classes are held at the Empire Grange Building - 2306 W. Mulberry, Fort Collins 

Intro to Belly Dance

Sunday 6-7pm (6 weeks)

Have you ever seen a belly dancer and thought “That looks like fun but there is no way I could do that”?

If you have then this is the class for you! Anyone and everyone can learn to belly dance no matter their age, shape or size.

Designed specifically for people with no previous experience, this 6-week class will introduce you to the basics of belly dance including history, moves, shimmies and much more!

  • Things covered in the class:

    • Where belly dance came from, how it is viewed today, and the purpose of the class (to learn and have fun!)

    • Proper Belly Dance Posture

    • Hip Shimmies!

    • Hip Moves: Lifts, Drops, Ups, Downs, Slides, Circles & 3/4’s

    • Chest Moves: Lifts, Drops, Slides & Circles

    • Body Moves: Rolls & Waves

    • $50.00 for 6 Wk Class

Beginning Belly Dance I

Sunday 6-7pm (6 weeks)

New class beginning Sept 2nd

Build upon the basics learned in Intro to Belly Dance. Continue to perfect old moves, learn new moves and begin to combine moves into unique dance combinations!

    • Topics covered in the class:

      • Hip Moves: Pelvic Tucks & Drops, Mayans, Sways, 8’s, Ummies & Crescents

      • Chest Moves: Shoulder Pushes & Shimmies, Sways, Mayans & M’s

      • Body: Snakes, Stomach Punches & Camels

      • $50.00 for 6 Wk Class

Photography by Andrew Scott

Beginning Belly Dance II

Sunday 6-7pm (6weeks)

  • This class continues where Beginning Belly Dance I leaves off. Continue to learn new moves and combinations and get introduced to Belly Dance Choreography! You will leave class with a complete routine that you can perform for family and friends


    • Things covered in the class:

      • Hip Moves: Ferris Wheels, Camel Ass, Hip Twists, Guasies, Kinkies & San Frans

      • Combo Moves: Saidis Drops, Roshana Rocks, Basic Egyptians & Rocking 3/4’s

      • $50.00 for 6 Wk Class